Despite the hours spent drafting an essay, or the fear that strikes when your name is called to read aloud in class. English classes equipped you with the most powerful tools to succeed in everyday life. Unfortunately, there are many students that don’t see the benefits of taking a university level English course, leading to the question: ‘Should grade 12 English be mandatory for university applications?’

My answer is simply yes. University isn’t quite all fun and games, that’s why everyone should be prepared. If you ask me, I think we are getting off easy only having one mandatory course. We are given the chance to fill our timetables with anything we wish, whether it be maths, sciences, arts, or physical education. We truly are given freedom. So what’s the harm in one hour and 15 minutes of a language class? Especially a language we use everyday! After all, it is one of the most commonly used language in the world. (English)

My grade 8 teacher would constantly remind me how difficult high school would be. She told me it’s because no one will be ‘tracking you down to hand in work’, and that ‘the independence might really hurt you’. I quickly discovered that there was little truth behind her statement. High school is a smaller style learning environment. Teachers know their students, students all know one another, and the classrooms rarely exceeds 30.

So how can someone possibly  prepare to become completely independent within their classroom? It can’t be easy shifting from a student in a classroom to just another number.

English is not only important for people that want to take English based courses. It is beneficial to almost any course that is offered post secondary. Advancing your reading and writing skills, learning how to organize ideas, working together as a team, and exercising your creative mind, are all tools that will help students excel in whichever path they choose. The benefits of English don’t just disappear once you finish your education, they are life long tools that can be applied in many different and creative ways.

Conceptual image of human brain in colorful splashes

 Colourful representation of creative thinking. 


Making the transition to post secondary education is a big step for many students. That’s why it is important that everyone has a strong English based foundation. According to Soheila Battaglia, the Importance of Essay Writing, is not only beneficial to university students, but life in the professional world too. (Writer, Leaf Group) Essays are often assigned to test critical thinking, understanding of material, and structure and organization. Each of which are skills that can be applied in many different aspects of life. The way I see it, you’re getting much more out of an english class than you even realize!

It’s no secret how competitive our world is becoming. University cut-offs are higher than ever, and jobs are becoming harder to find. It is important our youth is ready to dominate in the workforce, bringing new intelligent minds to all kinds of businesses.  Communication skills can go a long in todays society. Having the ability to talk and communicate with people also gives you a competitive advantage in the workplace. In fact, according to Rachel Zupek, critical thinking skills and being able to work in a team are two of the top skills employers are looking for when hiring. (Zupek)

istock_000049266740_medium-56b097713df78cf772cfe49fCommunication within a business setting.


Yes, grade 12 English can seem to get a bit dull at times. But the poem analysis’, the journal entries, the dramatic monologue performances, and all the other great things that students get to take part in throughout the course is what truly helps us in life. Sometimes students find English to be a little too far out of their comfort zone. We all need to be pushed in one way or another, that’s how you become successful.

In a world that has never been more digitally connected, it is important that we never forget our basics communication skills. On average, millennials spend about 14.5 hours per week on their smartphone. (Gazdik) Now I’m no mathematician, but that is over double the amount of time you would be spending in an english classroom per week. We all might as well put our time to good use!


Digital World


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